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The L550-D Series (White) and L550-E Series (Dual Red and White) are FAA L-864/865 medium intensity LED aviation obstruction lighting systems designed for reliable day and night time marking of structures between 200’ and 700’ AGL (above ground level) that represent a hazard to aviation. The systems meet the FAA AC70/7460-1L specifications and comply with multiple International standards, including ICAO Annex 14, CAR 621 (Canada) and DGAC (Mexico).

The L550 D&E systems feature a single combined power and alarm connection cable for easy installation, a modular designed controller, wireless or TCP/IP monitoring options for monitoring beacon failure, heartbeat (active confirmation), power and photocell functionality, as well as custom NOC software and service options.

The L550 beacon is lightweight and can be used as a standalone light or as part of a system. Designed for a life expectancy of 20 years, the L550 boasts a rugged housing based on 30 years of offshore product design experience. Featured inside the beacon are proprietary optics that produce a highly accurate and uniform narrow light beam, and a robust power supply that does not use electrolytic capacitors, allowing for longer life to match the LED life.

Easy Installation

The L550 system utilizes a single cable for installation, allowing for a single controller at the ground level and only one cable running up the structure. 

Lowest Power Consumption

An internal switched-mode power supply consumes lower power than competitor products by utilizing a switching regulator to convert electrical power more efficiently.

Robust Construction

The L550 boasts a 15-Year field-proven power supply technology enclosed in a rugged weatherproof body to create a 20-Year design life expectancy.

Our simple systems are simply effective.

Our most popular L550 Lighting Kits are summarized below. If you would like to request more detailed information, please contact one of our sales representatives.


The LK1E1L550AV Lighting Kit features one (1) Dual L550-864/865 red/white LED beacon at the top, three (3) OL1LED flashing red LED side lights at the mid level and one (1) CIP400-TWR contoller at the ground level. A single cable connects the side lights via a junction box located at the mid level, and the top beacon is connected via a junction box located at the top. 

This system is ideal for Type E Series towers, measuring 200 - 350ft (61 - 107m).


The LK1E23L550AV Lighting Kit features one (1) Dual L550-864/865 red/white LED beacon at the top, two (2) Dual L550-864/865 red/white LED beacons located at the mid level and one (1) CIP400-TWR controller at the ground level. A single cable connects the mid level beacons via a junction box located at the mid level, and the top beacon is connected via a junction box located at the top.

This system is ideal for Type E Series towers measuring 351 - 700ft (107 - 213m).


The LK1D1L550 Lighting Kit features one (1) L550-865 White LED beacon and one (1) CIP400-TWR controller. 

This system is ideal for Type D Series towers measuring 200 - 350ft (61 - 107m).

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