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Obstruction lighting
Medium Intensity Dual Red/White FAA Aviation Strobe Obstruction Lighting
  Dual Red/White FAA Type L-864/L-865
Medium Intensity DualRed/White FAA Strobe Obstruction Lighting
Obstruction lighting  
Intensity Medium
Horizontal Coverage 360°
Vertical Beam 3° Min
Fresnel Optics 320 mm Lens (Patent Pending)
Lamp Description 2-Xenon Flashtube
Effective Candelas Day

20,000 ± 25%

Effective Candelas Night 2,000 ± 25%
Number Flashes Per Minute Day 40 ± 2 FPM
Number Flashes Per Minute Night 22 ± 2 FPM
Flashhead Dimensions 28" x 17.5" (71.12 x 44.45 cm)
Flashhead Material Acrylic
Flashhead Base Material Aluminum / Blue Powder Coat
Power Requirements 120V / 230V AC 50/60 Hz
Wattage Daymode 95 Watts
Red Nightmode 230 Watts
White Nightmode (Backup) 35 Watts
Weight 36 lbs. (16.36 kg)
Operating Temperature -55°C to +55°C
Wind Load CAAA 2.1 ft² 
Mounting Holes 4- 11/16" holes spaced 90° on 13.25" (33.65 cm) bolt circle

The use of non-OEM parts or modifications to original equipment design will void the manufacturer warranty and could invalidate the assurance of complying with FAA requirements as published in Advisory Circular 150/5345-43.

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Obstruction lighting

Medium Intensity DualRed/White FAA Strobe Obstruction Lighting

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