White flashing obstruction light for reliable day and night time marking of tall structures that present a hazard to aviation. Incorporates the benefits of advanced xenon strobe and system control technology to meet the challenges of the most demanding applications.

  Key Features
Obstruction lighting
Stand alone design with integrated photocell, power supply, flasher and monitoring
Optional external automatic flash synchronization between systems
Simple cable connection for easy installation
Two year warranty including flash tubes
Very low power consumption
Simple internal layout
Lowest cost of ownership
Lowest installation cost (single cable for any size structure)
Integrated tilt adjustment mounting bracket
  Obstruction lighting
  Obstruction lighting
Certified to United States Federal Aviation Administration AC 150/5345-43F; Specification for obstruction lighting equipment, December 2006, Type L-856 and Type L-857
Complies with ICAO Annex 14, volume l; International standards and recommended practices: Aerodrome design and operations, 4th Edition, July 2004, chapter 6.3 High Intensity Type A and Type B obstacle light depending on mode
Various national approvals
  Obstruction lighting
  Performance characteristics
  Obstruction lighting
Flashing 40/60 fpm; white (operating modes depending on model)
Effective intensity: FAA L-856 model 270,000cd / 20,000cd / 2,000cd nominal
Effective intensity: FAA L-857 model 140,000cd / 20,000cd / 2,000cd nominal
Horizontal beam coverage = 120°
Vertical beam profile: 3° minimum
  Obstruction lighting
  Electrical characteristics
  Obstruction lighting
Operating voltage: 110-208 VAC nominal; 50-60 Hz
Power consumption:
L856=(220w-Day / 45w-Twilight /30w Night)
L857=(240w-Day / 60w-Twilight /35w Night)
Connection Details: Supplied with a combined power (3x2.5mm2) and control shielded connection cable
Overvoltage protection: Class III according to IEC61643-1
  Obstruction lighting
  Physical characteristics
  Obstruction lighting
Light Dimensions (L x W x H ): 570x460x225mm / 22.4"x18.1"x8.8" nominal
Controller Dimensions (L x W x H ): 304x355x152mm / 14"x12"x6" nominal
Light Weight: 35kg/77Lbs. Nominal
Controller Weight: 6kg/15Lbs. nominal
Design degree of protection: IP65
Operating temperature range: -55ºC to +55 ºC/-67ºF to +130ºF
  Obstruction lighting
  System design, control and monitoring
  Obstruction lighting
Safety disconnect of power and capacitor discharge when opened
Visible status indicators
Automatic alarm feature if 3 consecutive flashes missed
Use as a stand alone light or in system with multiple lights and Orga CIP200 or CIP300 type controllers
Stainless steel type 316 housing
Level indicators and lifting eye for correct mounting
Built in modem for remote 24/7 TWR technician diagnostics
Obstruction lighting
Obstruction lighting
Obstruction lighting

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High Intensity White Obstruction Lighting

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